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A sad story...

"Nimali…" She turned back. I don't say that her beautiful garden under this Hantana site is a sadawat throughout Madala. But I loved her Siddevi look. "Ah...slow.." When she saw me, she laughed and threw a salah on the ground on Galaha Road. The blooming robe rose flowers must have been embarrassed by that smile. I smiled as I looked at the way many students were walking in the university. I remember something she told me one day. "I would like to come to the Peradeniya campus one day... Even if I have another campus in Sri Lanka, I will keep coming and going to the Peradeniya Faculty of Medicine." She loved Peradeniya immensely. I never asked why. After all, I am familiar with the city as I was born within sight of Ambullawawa on Gampola Road. She came to Kandy to do high school. Her life was spent among the concrete buildings of Colombo. After her father, who was a doctor, was appointed to the Kandy hospital, he had taken this lovely motherless daugh