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A sad story...


She turned back. I don't say that her beautiful garden under this Hantana site is a sadawat throughout Madala. But I loved her Siddevi look.


When she saw me, she laughed and threw a salah on the ground on Galaha Road. The blooming robe rose flowers must have been embarrassed by that smile. I smiled as I looked at the way many students were walking in the university. I remember something she told me one day.

"I would like to come to the Peradeniya campus one day... Even if I have another campus in Sri Lanka, I will keep coming and going to the Peradeniya Faculty of Medicine."

She loved Peradeniya immensely. I never asked why. After all, I am familiar with the city as I was born within sight of Ambullawawa on Gampola Road. She came to Kandy to do high school. Her life was spent among the concrete buildings of Colombo. After her father, who was a doctor, was appointed to the Kandy hospital, he had taken this lovely motherless daughter when he came to the city.

"What is it, Appa? You are trying to buy cars on the road by yourself by calling me?"

She nods... I smile. Maybe today will be the last day that I walk with her on this Galaha Road. Today is the last day of our tuition class. Like her, I will not go to high school again. Chemistry class ended our high school tuition life.

Nimaali... What are you doing after the exam?

She tilts her head at me and smiles. I started falling in love with that smile about a year ago. It was the first day of her high school tuition class. I remember that day like today. She was in our row. We were in the first row of the class. So it didn't take long for us to become friends. Day by day, she approached me. I love her immeasurably with this approach.

"Brother, what happened to Niduka..."

Nimaali puts a stop to my thoughts. I smile and erase that pause. We both laugh at Galaha Road. After our class, we walked on Galaha Road every day. At that time, Nimale's father was working as a preacher in the Faculty of Medicine in Peradeniya, so she always went to see her father after classes. I hang on a Gampala bus and hand her over to her father every day.

Nothing Nimaali...

I won't say anything. For at least two years, the unrequited love was hidden in my heart, and I endured everything.

"It doesn't matter if you don't have anything... But I checked today, the last day of the class. Did you secretly give your heart to anyone? that"

There is no one to share this heart. She doesn't know why. It was two years ago that this heart was separated from someone in the first place. That's why she doesn't know. From the beginning, Dutt, my friend Dinuka, has been scolding me constantly.

"Girls are like vines, and when they find a tree to bend, they bend. Before that, tell Nimali about this.. otherwise, you will have to lose her.."

No. I did not listen to Dinuka's advice. I had a reason for that. Nimali is the smartest student in the class. Her dream is to become a stylist. For that, she engaged in study work with immense dedication. I needed to let her have her way. So I thought of declaring my love after the A-level examination.

That's how I've been thinking about these things all year. Thinking like that, I hid my love for her. But this year I was her best friend. I was the one who looked after most of her needs and fulfilled them. Sometimes she couldn't do anything without my help. Her father was an intelligent person, so he understood our friendship very well. So my friendship with Nimalee became stronger. My love also spread so far secretly with that.


The sky in Peradeniya is always roaring. The sky is roaring again. Clusters of dew started falling, turning Nimaali's light blue blouse dark blue. She raised her little umbrella against the rain.

"Come here…"

Nimaali pulls my hand and takes me under her umbrella. University Road is now crowded. I'm looking at the human beings of university students who are drawn under that blanket. One day after the A-level examination, which will be held next week, we will also be able to roam among the humanities of this university. And she will sit on my left. I thought.

"Niduka... you are different today."

Her voice wakes up under the drizzle.

“No, Nimaali... not like that. This is a bit of a headache."

I lied to her. I suffered the same pain after telling a lie to a loved one.

"Hey, why didn't you tell me?"

She is upset.

"No, Nimali, it's not that difficult. "

"Wait, let's go in a three-wheeler. Anyway, I want to meet a friend."

Before I could stop her, she hit a three-wheeler at Galaha junction. In a moment, we were there. A song by Amal Perera is playing in the triple car.

"Malheena Hita ban de kirikodu time

I stopped at one dream.

The shining little eyes of the star are yours.

I can't say now. My mind is numb.

When they found out, they separated far away.

Keep me here to be sad every day.

My wishes go without saying.

Friends are better than lost..."

Heartbroken. No, I made up my mind that the song was just a song. Finally, I reached the place where she had promised to meet her friend. The rain had subsided. We were on Gampola road. The evening sky closes and descends with an orange hue. Ambuluawa mountain can be seen in the distance. A brand new hybrid car was parked on the side of the road. There they were, the young man dressed in a neat dress. He saw us, smiled, and came down from the car, but suddenly he greeted us with a warm kiss.


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තාරුණ්‍ය ප්‍රේම තනුවේ වෙනස්ම විදිහේ තනුව අත්විදින්න (මීදුමි සිහිනේ ගීතය)

මායාවී නවකතාවක් ... පළමු කොටස ..

   01 - කොටස "මායා, නැගිටිනවකෝ ළමයෝ... එකොළහත් පහුවෙලා... තවමත් නිදි... තාත්තල දුවල සේරෝම එකයි...." "අනේ අපොයි උදේම පටන්ගත්තනේ මෙයාගේ ටකේ... " කටින් කියන්න බැරි තැන හිතින් එහෙම හිත හිතම ඔලුවේ හිටන් පොරවන් හිටපු රෙද්ද අයින් කළා මම. ඇස් දෙක ගිණිකන වැටෙන ගානට වැටුණු ඉර එළියටත් හිතින් බැන බැන මං නාන කාමරේ පැත්තට ගියේ සිගරට් එකත් අරගෙනමයි. ගෙදරට හොරෙන් සිගරට් බොන්න පටන් අරන් කාලයක් ගතවෙලා තිබුන. ඒත් දැන් ඒ තරම් ගෙදරට බයවෙන්න හේතුවක් මට පෙන්නේ නැහැ. "මොකද්ද ළමයෝ ඔය නාන කාමරෙන් එන සිගරට් ගඳ? තාත්තත් ගෙදර නෑ. ඔය ළමය සිගරට් බොනවද? " නෑ මං කුඩු ගහනවා... ඇයි අවුල්ද? ඔයා මගේ අම්ම නෙවෙයි... කුඩම්මනේ? ඒනිසා හැමේකටම ඇඟිලි ගහන්න එපා හරි? " හරි හොඳයිනේ යකෝ ගෑණු ළමයෙක්ගේ කතාවයි වැඩ කරන විධියයි..." "අනේ මේ..." කියාගෙන මං කාමරේට ආවා. ඔව් ... ඒ මගේ කුඩම්මා... මගේම අම්ම මාව දාල යද්දී මට අවුරුදු හතරයි. මාව හදාගත්තේ ආච්චි. ආච්චිගේ මරණෙන් පස්සේ මං තාත්තයි කුඩම්මයි ලඟට ඇවිත් තවම සති කීපයයි. මං හැදුනේ කාගේවත් යටතේ නෙවෙයි.. ඒ නිසා සමාජයේ ස